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Frequently Asked Questions


what exactly does a doula do?

“A doula is not considered a healthcare professional and cannot provide medical care or advice, but acts mainly as a coach and companion. In contrast to medically trained birthing staff, who may by necessity split their attention between multiple patients, Doulas provide constant communication and encouragement during labor. This focused attention can often empower expectant mothers to increase their self-efficacy and result in more satisfying experiences during labor, birth, and postpartum”

Article Written by Web Content Editor Ryan Hunter for NMAAHC


what if I don’t want a natural birth, should I still get a doula?

Having a doula can be beneficial for all mothers. Whether it’s your first child or your fifth, medicated or unmedicated, hospital or at home, doulas have proven to produce healthier birth outcomes. It is not the job of the doula to try and convince mothers to have a certain type of birth, we will support and educate you no matter how you choose to give birth.


someone told me doulas are only for people who want a home birth, is this true?

Of course not! Doulas can support mothers in all birth settings: hospital, home, birth center, etc. Be sure to ask your doula about the risks & benefits of whichever location you choose so you know what to expect.


what is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

In summary, midwives typically replace the health provider (OBGYN) during labor. This means midwives actually assist in the delivery of babies whereas doulas do not. Doulas primarily offer support, education & coaching through the process. Most midwives offer these services as well but are more focused on the actual birth.


I thought doulas were for rich people, can I afford this?

Many doulas, including myself, believe that ALL mothers should have access to a safe & affordable birth. That being said, I offer various payment options and service packages as well as need-based scholarships to help offset the costs of services. Contact me to discuss the current options I have available.


my partner is concerned that a doula would replace them, is this true?

Absolutely not! Doulas allow partners to be as involved as they would like while offering additional helpful tips & tricks to support the birthing person. Doulas are a great addition to your birthing team but they are not there to replace anyone. There are many different roles to fill during pregnancy & birth.

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